Emergency Medicine and Critical Care
This hospital has one of the most advanced I. C. U. ( Intensive Care Unit ) designed by Dr Anant Madaan, who has done Fellowship in Emergency Medicine and Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine. He has gained I.C.U. Clinical Experience from Brown University, Cornell University and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA. Our I. C. U. team provides Medical, Cardiac, Surgery and Trauma critical care services to serious and critically ill patients.

     Special arrangement has been made with 10 bedded ICU of Central Monitor and bed-side monitoring, De-fib monitor and Oximeter and two ventilators are available for serious cardiac patients.  The cardiac set-up is being supervised by a Cardiologist who is available 24 hours. The ICU has got latest equipments and also holter.  3 ECG machines are available for doing ECG and 6 bed side monitors.


ABG - Arterial Blood Gases Machine
P O2
O2 Sat
Base Excess
Anion Gap

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