General Medicine
Madaan hospitals provide all possible investigations and treatment for all medical diseases. The services are being provided by the most efficient physicians through busy outpatient and inpatient departments.

Treadmill Test - TMT (Stress Test) Equipment:-
A stress test evaluates performance of the heart under stress. If there is any deficiency in blood supply to the heart it shows up during time of stress. But sometimes it might also lead to angina, arrythmia or MI.

To deal with such untoward events you need trained doctors and staff, world class sensitive equipments and a definite protocol. Madaan Hospital ensures all the above and more so that immediate care can be delivered right there and at the time when it is needed the most.


Holter Equipment:-
A holter is a kind of ECG, which continuously monitors heart activity for 24 hours or more so that your physicians does not miss any abnormal activity of heart happening during unobserved hours. Madaan Hospital holter equipment being small in size and light in weight causes minimum interference in your routine, while deciphering test results with optimal accuracy.

So if you seek treatment for as uncomplicated a condition as common cold to as complicated a condition as pneumonia, our institute is what you are looking for.

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